Monday, 23 October 2017


Great news for guitar players looking to improve their playing skills and getting spanking with technique! Mattias IA Eklundh's Freak Guitar Camp makes a second visit outside the Swedish woods and into the marshlands (wut) in India, but not quite! :P

The good men at 4/4 Entertainment and Guitar Garage Inc. have decided to host Freak Guitar Camp - India's second edition in February 2018. What's more? The camp will be a beautiful, intimate experience as it is every year. The venue for this year's camp will be different - nestled in the serene woods of Kamshet beside lake Vadivali. Here's the promo for you:

What is Freak Guitar Camp? It is a week-long guitar camp conducted by musician and educator Mattias Eklundh where guitar players from all over the world gather in the woods near Gothenburg and guitar players get to learn advanced guitar playing techniques, composition skills, and much more. The camp could also help students in bridging the divide between Carnatic and Western music on the guitar, as Mattias takes the konokol very seriously! The concept of Freak Guitar Camp was conceived, mothered and raised by the Viking guitar legend himself.

Freak Guitar Camp in INDIA will be a 6 day affair where students are tucked away in a lakeside paradise with their guitars and Matthias. This is the only location outside Sweden where the camp is conducted.

What you need to know for this year's camp:
The camp will cater to 30 students (maximum) who will sign up for the camp via online and one to one registration. The registration fee is inclusive of food, accommodation, pick ups and drops from specific locations in Calmshet / Lonavala, as well as the fee for attending the camp. The students are required to carry their own guitars, FX units and headphones. For more details and registering to the camp, visit the event on Insider.

Check this beautiful drone video of the campsite here:

To know what students who've visited the camp before have to say, visit my previous article on Freak Guitar Camp India 2014.

Inviting guitar players from in and around India to register for the camp! Trust me, it's madness. I visited the camp as part of my job at BAJAAO in 2014 for content and videos, so I got to live with Mattias and the campers for a good 3-4 days. I learned so much by just sitting at the back of the class for hours and singing to what Mattias was teaching the campers. He is probably the most fun music teacher and instructor I have ever seen. I've cued in a part you need to see that I recorded of Twinkle Twinkle little star! Love this guy.

About Mattias:
Mattias is known as the Guru who imparts infinite knowledge to hardworking guitar enthusiasts from across the planet and the Guru has been successfully executing this at his camps. After years of learning, knowledge sharing and patience Mattias will now bring down the Freak Guitar Camp from Sweden to India. Matthias has always had a soft corner towards India, Indian music and Indian musicians. This time he will share his bit with us in our very own country.

I'll mostly see you guys there again this year haha! New job scenes :D

Monday, 16 October 2017


Bacardi NH7 Weekender will once again, after quite sometime, be celebrating metal at Weekenders across India this year. With 2 main Weekenders at Meghalaya and Pune, and around 6 Weekender Express shows (one day concerts), they're bringing down some exciting artists besides the metal bands playing too!

Let's take a quick look at the international and Indian metal bands playing Weekender this year.

1. The Dillinger Escape Plan
One of the bands in the lineup on their last world tour, the other being Textures. You would know the band for their legendary stage antics involving burning shit onstage, stage truss climbing and more. Not sure if they're up to it anymore but it'll be fun watching them live for sure.
Where: Pune

2. Textures
They've been here over and over, probably played more shows in India than some Indian bands :P (exaggeration intended) but yes, they're back because they won't be after this gig. But you've gotta fucking love Textures for the prog and tech they've brought into life with sexy albums like Silhouettes and Drawing Circles.
Where: Pune, Meghalaya, Bangalore

3. Steve Vai (Because he's metal AF anyway)
Steve Vai is a legend. I say no more. Steve going 'Getchyo hands off bish' in this picture.
Where: Pune, Meghalaya

4. Skyharbor
They're absolutely killing it in India and the international metal circuit. After having toured with nu metal monsters Deftones, this brainchild of Keshav Dhar has turned into something phenomenal. Really happy for them!
Where: Meghalaya, Bangalore

5. Bhayanak Maut
Oh my. <3
Where: Meghalaya

6. Zygnema
Tearing shit apart. Always. Can't wait to watch them again and again and again.
Where: Pune, Meghalaya

7. Goddess Gagged
The band got back from a hiatus somewhere last year when BlueTree did a comeback tour with the band. It's nice to see them back and I hope they play more shows than they already do.
Where: Meghalaya

8. Kraken
This band was love at first sight for me. If you get to check these guys out, make sure you ask them for their new album. For those of you who don't remember Kraken, you might know they were nominated for the best song category at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards some years ago, for song 'Dance Jane Dance'.
Where: Pune

Other Metal AF artists playing weekender include Khasi Bloodz, Skrat, Mosko, Zokova, and I'm super kicked to see them live. Get your tickets to all editions of Bacardi NH7 Weekender on Insider.

Saturday, 14 October 2017


Bloodywood has been rocking all your Bollywood and English pop songs with brutal, and some slightly stunning metal versions! Yes, they've not been around for too long, but in their little time they've managed to turn quite a few heads and have them people pushing play for a good laugh. Mind you, they're doing a kickass job with quality, and this is not your regular parody band.

I thought of having a little chat with them to see what they're up to. Who are they? Bloodywood is Karan Katiyar and Jayant Bhadula. Here's Jayant with some answers:

1. Why? Deets.
JB: Why? Well, it all started with me and Karan goofing around but the positive reception made us think about what we do. We realised that this indeed is a good way to get attention and when the time is right, we will drop our originals!

Bloodywood: Jayant Bhadula and Karan Katiyar

2. It isn't very uncommon to do covers of pop songs in a metal way, but something about Bollywood did spark this. What was so inspiring about our childhood?
JB: Just how some Bollywood music sounded (bad, mostly) make us think, 'You know what, this could sound way better' and that's literally all it took to push us into doing this.

3. Your favourite cuisine / dish?
JB: Chole bhature all the way

4. Here's an obvious question you're expecting me to ask - late Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington didn't like your cover of Heavy because yes we know it wasn't heavy at all, but what were your first thoughts when you saw Chester's 'Sucks ass' tweet?
JB: We were sort of expecting this :P

5. Which song really did it for you guys in terms of viewership so far?
JB: 'PPAP metal Version' - And we weren't expecting it to go that big! I mean the numbers were huge; 4 million + views on Facebook. Then some page ripped the video and even they got 4 million views and then some dude uploaded it on YouTube where it got somewhere around 180k+ views, plus a few cover versions to add to it. The feeling is something we can not describe in just words.

6. What other music / bands are you two with currently?
JB: I'm currently working with The Cosmic Truth and Bloodywood.
Karan works with The snake charmer alongside Bloodywood and I'm the spot dada at Archy's shoots! :P

7. Lots of effort into production, composition and all else we see. How are you spending so much time on this, or is it paying back? Patreon and other platforms working out for you?
JB: This is what we do for a living so all our time goes into this. Our main sources of income are Patreon and Spotify. We aren't earning enough yet to sustain ourselves completely off this but with enough support, we are confident we will be able to pull it off.

8. Favourite Indian bands.
JB: Skyharbor, Undying Inc., Demonic Resurrection, Goddess Gagged, The Cosmic Truth (:p), Zygnema, The Down Troddence and obviously BHAYANAK MAUT.

9. Favourite international bands.
JB: There are a lot of bands few of them would be:
August Burns Red
Killswitch Engage
Lamb of God
Thy Art is Murder

10. A little message for all Bloodywood fans and supporters out there.
JB: We love you guys for your support, stick around with us and we will make you guys proud |m|

Remember to SUPPORT BLOODYWOOD ON PATREON and like them on Facebook! Watch all their videos on YouTube.

Thursday, 12 October 2017


American metal band Veil of Maya will be making their debut in India in January 2018. According to an announcement on entertainment company Bohemian Live's social media, the band will be playing a four-city tour from 10th - 14th January 2018. The cities include New Delhi, Chennai (IITM Saarang to be confirmed), Guwahati and Mumbai.

Terrific news! Dj0ntboys, jump! I've been waiting to watch Veil of Maya since I was a kid, hoping I'd one day successfully host an Indian edition of Euroblast and get them down but hey, I don't need to do that anymore because fuck, have you seen the amount of international acts coming down to India in the next 4 months!? Out of that 3 of them have played Euroblast before! Insane scenes.

Watch Veil of Maya in your city, dates below:

Promoters Bohemian Live have produced Cultfest in the past, bringing down death metal giants Cannibal Corpse and deathcore band Suicide Silence to India in 2015. On speaking to co-founder Amarjeet Singha about doing a tour over a one-day concert, he said, "We had never done an India tour before so we wanted to do that. Also, it makes better financial sense than doing a one off show. I guess this is the only way forward (3-4 city tours at least) where it makes sense to both band and promoter."

Our promoters are as geared up as all of you. Team member Suhas Vk, when asked about how he's feeling, said, "I'm very excited for this gig! I've been a huge fan of the band even more since Matriarch and I'm looking forward to their next release 'False Idol' due this 20/10." Amarjeet added, "Really excited to have a band like Veil OF Maya onboard for our first tour, and it will definitely be a treat for the Indian modern metal fans!"

Tickets for the event have already been announced along with links for each city except Chennai. The early bird tickets for Antisocial dates (Delhi and Mumbai) are priced at INR 1299 and the Guwahati ticket at INR 999.

Get concert tickets and watch Veil of Maya live for the first time here:
DelhiMumbai | Guwahati

Please note that tickets can be purchased exclusively at Instamojo from the above links only.

Follow Bohemian Live on Facebook for updates. See you at the gig!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Hello hi! I'm back. 

Here's a list of some nice Indian Metal bands you may or may not have heard. I've broken up the list into three parts, so for now enjoy, thank me later. I'm really excited to share a bunch of sick bands to you and I hope to do so more regularly. There's definitely no lack of metal music in India!

 1. Tangents 
Progressive Metal from Bangalore

2. Plague Throat
Death Metal from Shillong

3. Sycorax Death Metal from Darjeeling

4. Spine Break
Rap / Nu Metal from Solan, Himachal Pradesh

5. All Seeing Eye
Tech Death Metal from Bangalore

6. If Hope Dies
Progressive Metal from Darjeeling

- - - - - - - -

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Thursday, 11 August 2016


I remember when I was programming metal nights at Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad and I contacted Abbas for Skrypt. However the band was unavailable and he introduced me to his new band 'Godless'. This was to be their first show and man, it was insane!

This is probably one band that has come so far so fast, and they've been bringing down every venue they play at. They always leave people either moshing or astonished, especially for those who are watching them for the first time.

I did an interview with the band to see what's going on, s'appening mayyn. Read the whole interview below.

1. Favourite food? 
Ravi: Andhra meals
Abbas: Burgers with lots of beef, bacon and cheese
Rohit: Andhra meals
Kaushal: Beef steak
Aniketh: Andhra meals

2. What started off for you guys at Hard Rock Cafe metal nights is now you opening for Behemoth at Deccan Rock! How does it feel to have travelled so far so fast? 
It feels fucking great to open for Behemoth. Ever since we started off as a band, we just focused on getting everything right with regard to our live sound, lights, tightness, showmanship, songwriting and the EP release. We’ve worked really hard and we’re quite happy with how things have turned out for us. We’d like to thank all the organisers we’ve worked with. This is only the beginning and there is no slowing down for us.

3. Give us a little history on how you guys got together.
Our bassist Abbas and guitarist Ravi, who both were from Skrypt, were looking to form a band that was nothing but loud, relentless and aggressive. Abbas had already written Ossuary and recruited Aniketh Yadav from slam/brutal death metal band Shock Therapy on drums and Rohit Nair on guitars as well.

We wrote Infest and kept a lookout for vocalists. We thought finding a permanent vocalist would be better that way since people would get to listen to us and get a feel of what our direction would be like. So, when Abbas visited New Zealand in early 2015, he recorded the demo featuring Sean O'Kane Connolly (Ex-In Dread Response) on guest vocals. After a few jams with other vocalists, we got in touch with Kaushal from Bangalore (Orchid, Eccentric Pendulum, Ironic Reversal) since the guys from Eccentric Pendulum are close friends. With him, our lineup was complete and there has been no looking back since.

4. How did you get Joe Haley of Psycroptic to feature on the song Ossuary? 
We’re all really big fans of Psycroptic and Joe’s playing. Since he was already mixing our EP and mentioned to us that he really dug the music, we thought there’s no harm in asking him to lay down a solo. He was cool with it and it just blew us away when he sent us the track.

5. How was your experience playing at the Wacken Metal Battle finals this year? 
It was really great. We got to play for a new audience. We were quite happy with the response. Congratulations to our buddies in Elemental on their win!

6. What has the band been going of late? (gigs, recording, etc.) 
We’ve just been gigging and been promoting our debut EP Centuries of Decadence which we released this year in May. The response has been pretty fucking great. We’ve got a couple of shows lined up and we’re also currently writing some new material already. We’ll probably get to recording it somewhere during the end of the year.

7. Should we expect something coming our way from you any time soon? 
Definitely more merch. And maybe a single.

8. Your favourite international bands. 
Bolt Thrower, Slayer, Napalm Death, Obituary, Aborted, Pestilence, Autopsy, Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Cannibal Corpse, Psycroptic, Decapitated, Vader, Morbid Angel, The Haunted, Meshuggah, Death, Gorod, Judas Priest, The Faceless, Beyond Creation, Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, Defeated Sanity, Dying Fetus, Gorgasm

9. Collectively, your favourite Indian bands. 
Devoid, Third Sovereign, Gutslit, Shepherd, Eccentric Pendulum, Amogh Symphony, Infernal Wrath, Undying Inc., Nihilus

10. A message for all the fans out there! 
We’d like to thank everyone who’ve come for our shows, picked up our CDs & merchandise and supported us. See you at Deccan Rock 2016 on the 24th of September where we open for the mighty Behemoth alongside a bunch of killer bands! Cheers!

Check Godless out on Facebook.

Catch Godless LIVE at Stormfest V - Ground Zero | Deccan Rock Pre-gig and Deccan Rock: The Fourth Edition.


Monday, 1 August 2016


Welcome back! Actually I should be welcoming myself back. Here's the 2nd episode of the Metalsphere vlog. I feel like a band who went on a hiatus.

This episode covers news about Goddess Gagged, ROOTS - the monthly metal property by BAJAAO Entertainment and antiSOCIAL Khar, Deccan Rock 2016: The Fourth Edition, Elemental and Wacken Open Air, Hellwind's new t-shirt, Kryptos' new music video for 'Full Throttle', Callous Amass 4 in Shillong, Blood Eagle 2 and upcoming metal gigs at Hard Rock Cafe.

You can watch the second episode here:

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